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A sub-genre of emotive hardcore (d.c. hardcore) that has yet to be pooped on by peter-pan clones and their cult of f/14s. Probably because they haven't heard of it.

It's a blend of Emo and Powerviolence, A much more loud and noisy style of emo, almost like Screamo.

Emo-violence = City Of Caterpillar, I would set myself on fire for you, I have dreams...
Well Spoken Man: What's Punk?
F/14: Gr33n D4y!!!11!!
Well Spoken Man: What's Pop-Punk?
F/14: Fall out Boy!!1!!
Well Spoken Man: What's Emo?
F/14: Teh Used!!1!!!!
Well Spoken Man: What's Pop?
F/14: Britney Spears. Lolz shes crap!!!!!!111!
Well Spoken Man: Hip-Hop?
F/14: Lolz its not reel musik!!111!1!!
Well Spoken Man: Well, what's emo-violence?
F/14: Lolz, nevr herd of it. U jst made it up or its old or sumfing. Lolololol.
Well Spoken Man: F/14
by Jorj August 14, 2006
A musical genre made by band In/Humanity. There aren't that many Emo Violence bands, but stupid people who are fans of Screamo, like to refer to Screamo bands as Emo Violence. They think it sounds neat, I guess. There is a PUNK influence to this genre!
Example of Emo Violence bands are:

United Super Villains
YoungDaysNoReturn, the
Step Forward Look West (kinda)
Worst Case Scenario
by Mark Shiffer July 06, 2005
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