(From the contemporary American English, emotionally ridiculous) A characteristic of a male who alternates between close intimacy and affective distance several times in the span of one day, or perhaps an hour, with his lover/s.

An affective state typically caused by indecision about which girlfriend (1 or 2) a man should conduct a serious relationship with.

A tactical disposition often used to deflect emotional confrontation by appealing to lame jokes and sarcasm.
"You know I love you, stupid. This is just a bad time for me to be expressing emotion when I am confused about how I should be relating to you and my other girlfriend."

"You are so fucking emo-redic; I didn't think it was possible for one person to be so emo-redic. You've set an international record for emo-redicosity."
by peppermint soap October 23, 2006

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