Sweet god...the amount of definitions that should be saved for the avril lavigne fans...

People use the term emo music as a narrow minded attempt at attempting to categorize emotional music as 'everything that sounds like fall out boy'. It ain't. Here are the genres/musicians that could be referred to as 'emo', 'emo orientated' or perhaps 'crap' if you don't like it.

1980s hardcore/soulful punk: People argue that this laid the base for most 'emo' and it does share very similar qualities to more commercial forms we have today. Catchy guitar lyrics, rough lyrics dealing with love, unhapiness, anandonment, hatred, disullision, longer running times ( unlike all other forms of hardcore punk at the time ) etc. I would cite Husker Du's Zen Arcade as the best example of this era, but Rites of spring are another brilliant band.

Early 90s/90s screamo: As an off-shoot of emo this is included. Bands in the early 90s took emo on to more fast, distorted, screamed and abstract horizons. You can easily recognise alot of this music by these qualities but running times varied alot ( indian summer's track 12 ran for 17 minutes, where as jerome's dream songs ran for much shorter ), lyrics may be intelligible at parts or not atall, there may be huge intros or guitar riffs lasting the majority of the songs thrashed and or melodic. Indian summer, jerome's dream, joshua fit for battle, swing kids are examples. Modern pop punk should not be confused with this genre under pain of death.

mid 90s/90s emo: More melodic and slower than previous forms, 1990s saw the rise of 'indie-styled' emo outfits. Best recognisable by whispered lyrics, drowning guitar riffs, complicated and emotional song meanings. Exceptions to this such as Jimmy Eat World and get up kids resemble the modern pop punk movement far more with more pop orientated fast guitar lyrics, but they are far slower than the previous forms and overall emo followed an indie style. Texas is the reason, Christie front drive, Sunny Day real estate are examples, with jimmy eat world, get up kids, lifetime following faster formats and lyrical styles.

2000s: Pop punk sets the precident in this era with catchy guitar lyrics, simple chorus structure, fast pace, easy to understand songs etc. There does seem to be a modern divide between bands choosing harder guitar riffs and even screamed lyrics ( silverstein, hawthorne heights, mcr, fall out boy ) and others following more traditional pop formats of gentle guitar riffs and softer singing( simple plan, Taking back sunday ). Mcr, fall out boy, silverstein, hawthorne heights, a thorn for every heart, the used, funeral for a friend are examples.

Late 90s/2000s Metalcore: Softer metal dealing with similar topics to emo - love, death, hatred, unhapiness etc. Often screamed/loud lyrics, hard/pronounced guitar riffs, hard drumming. Bullet for my valentine, bleed the dream, it dies today are examples.

2000s screamo: Perhaps as a front against the pop punk movement, bands tend mirror earlier, more hardcore forms of 'emo' with screamo being the most popular. Many little known, quite popular or even established screamo bands exist today following the general format of screamo in the early 90s. Funeral diner, circle takes the square, iwrotehaikusabout cannabilisminyouryearbook ( I had to space that ), emo summer ( who classify themselves as extremo...) are the best examples.

Confused yet?? You should be if you like this stuff, the world just doesn't get people like me and you and nothing should make sense.
Scene Pete: Woooooo I'm listening to emo music, mcr totally kick ass. Black parade pwnzorz.

Emo Dan: Leave me alone I'm listening to Jerome's dream, I want my ears to bleed so I feel pain.

Scene Pete: Zommmzggzgzzbbq!!1111 Screamo??! That is so cool, I want to listen to it.

Emo Dan: Scene cunts.
by X emo tears X April 09, 2007
Emo began as a music style in the '90's, and has become associated with bands like My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy etc. It became a style that mostly (NOT ALWAYS) focuses on the vintage-look (retro brand names etc). Being emo myself, you're all gonna think 'OMG IT'S AN EMO, SHE'S, LIKE, GONNA BE, LIKE, OMGWTFBBQ MY LIFE SUCKS EMO'S RULE THEY'RE SO HARDCORE OMG LMAO' or something like that. (I'm not taking the mick out of anyone, I swear. Sorry if I offended someone.) I'm not depressed all the time, I'm not always writing dark poems about life, and I'm not anorexically skinny (I laugh about that).

Why is emo associated with self-harm? Just because some people decided that any depressing self-destruction music MUST be emo?

Emos are usually, as far as I know, into the retro emo bands that began the emo craze, and the more modern bands like Panic! @ The Disco etc. The most common feature of emo is the hair with a side-parting. The bangs are NOT always covering one eye, NOT always dark, NOT always straight, NOT always shaggy for boys and NOT always short for girls.

The thing I've noticed that made me laugh about people's descriptions for emo boys was that they all wear trousers fitted for girls. WHAT A CROCK. I've never seen an emo boy dressed in trousers that are fit for girls. It would look a bit dumb, I mean, with the hips and all. So what if the trousers might be tight? It doesn't mean they're for girls! SERIOUSLY STRANGE. But if there is an emo boy who wears girls trousers, SORRY.

Another big thing for emo is the gloves/bracelettes and scraves. NOT everyone wears them but it's pretty common, from what I've seen.

I AM NOT AN EXPERT. This is my opinion and it's not always right! Emo is a fashion sense that may have stereotypes but not all emos follow them. Who can tell me they know EXACTLY what the emo fashion is? Anyone? I don't think even emos can really tell me.
Him: Everyone says I'm not emo because my hair isn't an emo hairstyle

Her: Stereotypes are fun, lets point and laugh

*Him and Her both point and laugh at the steroetypes dancing on the ceiling as emo music plays some place random in the background*
by KerrytheKiwi December 15, 2006
Emo music is NOT taking back sunday och MCR.
Here is some REAL emo/screamo bands;

alexisonfire, atreyu, the bled, from first to last, saosin, bright eyes, bullet for my valentine, dashboard confessionals, dead poetic, hawthorne heights, matchbook romance, underoath, the usen
okey? Dont you agree?
that is emo music
by paui August 18, 2006
Emo Music is the harsh sounding squeal of a high pitched faggoty dark colored attire wearing prick with long bangs that cover the face/eyes and that that doesnt bathe for days(usually accommodated by a wool or polyester scarf). Usually composed of a grand total of 3-5 chords played repetitively in different ways, these songs are "Messages to America's Youth" about how shitty well-off suburban lifestyle is. These songs usually contain lyrics such as "I shed tears of blood for you", "I hate my life", "I cut myself again", and my personal favorite "We're just kids".
Whoever writes Emo Music needs to go to Kenya and get his ball sack accessorized into a spare change pouch for the homeless.
by Dr. Rufus December 11, 2008
My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Death Cab For Cutie, Taking Back Sunday, and The Used are not emo music like everyone says.
Clearly, these people have never heard of bands like Hawthorne Heights, Red Jumpsuit Appartus, Underoath, AFI, Jimmy Eat World, Alexisonfire, Story Of The Year, Senses Fail, and From First To Last, which are real emo bands. And if these bands aren't emo, what is?
Like I've said before, bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, and Death Cab For Cutie are NOT emo music.
by Death Shredder August 14, 2007
Music whose topic is an emotion, rather than a person, place, thing, or actvity.
"I love to love because I care"
by punkassdissident August 14, 2005
Emo music is usually screamo. Bands such as Paramore, although they don't have screaming have many emo fans, as does Jeffree Star. Emos actually like all sorts of music.

Emo style bands:
Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Bless The Fall, All That Remains, Atreyu, Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, Evanescence etc

emo music lyrics:

I smell the lies dancing on your blackened lungs,

I whispered in her ear:
Fear me dear, for I am Death,
I'll take your hope, your dreams, your love,
Till there's nothing left

For Stevie's Eyes Only- Bring Me The Horizon

God help me... I'm so tired...
but in my dreams... the wolves ate out my soul...
God help me... I'm so frightened...
but in my dreams... the wolves tear out my heart...

A Vampire's Lament- Atreyu
by xGemox September 28, 2007
Music, especially rock, when the singer(s) screams and sings repeatedly through out numerous songs.
Silverstein, Bullet For My Valentine, It Dies Today and Alexisonfire, if it doesn't sound like them, your not listening to emo music!
by HybridFlare May 03, 2007
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