The trademark haircut of modern emo kids.

For males: Greasy, shaggy hair that hangs over the side of one's face, covering their desired eye in a side-bang type fashion. Almost always dyed black, sometimes with some streaks or tips (mostly red). Shines in the light, since it's extremely greasy due to them not washing it.

For females: Usually cut short, just above the shoulders. Almost always dyed black or dark brown. Tips and streaks are common. Many put their hair up in small pigtails, equipped with My Little Pony, Pokemon, Care Bear, or some other little kid's show hair ties. Side bangs also a common trait. Unlike the males, female emo kids usually wash their hair.
Emo Girl: I love boys with shaggy hair. Yum!
Emo Girl 2: Look at Bayley's sexy new emo haircut. I love how he doesn't wash his hair.
by The Queen of Hearts July 14, 2005
Yin and Yang, Emo haircut and Mullet. They complete each other. The Emo haircut is short in the back and long in the front, preferably covering the person's good eye. You will find that the area of the face obstructed by hair is directly proportional to the douchebaggery exuding from the emoee in question. Emo haircuts are high-maintainence. It often takes hours to get that "just rolled out of bed" look.
They are best when complemented with hot topic gear, patches, razor blades, and a tear tatooed under the one visible eye. Pacifiers are no longer in style, and should not be worn with an emo haircut under any circumstances.
Various androgenous japanese video game characters.

"Cloud, cut off your fucking emo haircut!"

"Vincent, your hair is totally fucking 'emo douchebag'"

by joe peak July 28, 2006
Kyle's current haircut. It's hilarious.
LOL, Kyle, your haircut is 100% Emo. Pfft.
by Mati April 13, 2005

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