The sexiest hair style in the world. Those who don't believe in it are clearly jealous for it is the buffest hair ever.

Those who hate it are usualy the ones who can't pull it off for they are too uncool.
Emo boy: *flicks hair*
Emo girl: *sweeps away his side fringe and kisses him* MARRY ME!
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
the way a queer wears his hair.
like how romeo wears his hair is considered emo hair.
by Z_Krieger December 10, 2005
A really old hairstyle these white kids have called "emo hair"...if only they knew that the hairstyle is really what black women from the 90's wore. Then they'd go back to their dull blonde hairstyles and not call it "emo hair" anymore. YOU LOOK LIKE A RETARD!!
"Haha! My mom's friend had that hairstyle like ten years ago, loser!"
by blah bitch! August 09, 2005
long usally dirty and unkept hair that many fans of emo have. Makes thoes who have the hair type look like girly asses.
That bich has dirty emo hair
by Greg October 27, 2004
The ugliest haircut ever since the mullet, yuck!!
I can't stand these emo scenester dorks.
by mmmmcorona May 07, 2005
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