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a person who dresses emo, but acts like a tough guy gang member. can also describe someone dressed halfway emo and halfway gangster.
be careful with that guy over there, he looks harmless but hes a certified emo gangster.
by rubbahbandman February 06, 2010
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People who act emo, and have depressing thoughts/threaten to kill or cut themselves, but talk like gangsters. Many emogangsters are in the tween range, and are still "unsure" of who they are. This may be the main cause for the mix of the two genres.
Emogangster - *little crying and bat emoticons*
Emo Girl - What now?
Emogangster - Lyke, mii bf just dumpd meeh! Im gunna go crii nowww 'n listn 2 Brite Eyezz...
Emo Girl - Shut up stupid emogangster. Good, you deserved to be dumped.
by Jemah May 21, 2006
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A scene/punk rocker. A person that wears bright colors and bras knuckles, who gives off the emo vibe but yet could deal you drugs and beat/kill your ass.
"Damn those emo gangsters all ways confuse and scare the fuck out of me" Audrey Kitching, HannaBeth, Jeffree Star, Matthew Lush, LexiLush, Melissa Marie, DaniGORE (but she just goes by Dani now), Kiki Kannibal, Izzy Hilton, Deanna Lenore,John Hock, Corey Pattakos.
by _TheQueenBee_ June 01, 2011
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