Taco Bell at About 2:30pm (When school gets out)
always in groups, so they can share a cheese n nachos
Nachos split 6 ways is Emo Food
Emo Food ---> Hey guys im starving, i could go for a tortilla chip
#emo #faggot food #under weight #skinny #screamo
by Chaosyst July 26, 2006
Top Definition
A euphemism for nothing, using the typical assumption that "emo" kids don't actually eat. In conversation, it is used to mean nothing.
Guy 1: "What's going down today, dude?"
Guy 2: "Aw man, just emo food."
Guy 1: "That sucks."
#emo #emo kid #food #scene #emotional
by punkbass_20x6 March 30, 2006
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