a cigarette that lights itself
emo fag, a poor insult.
by christt March 24, 2008
person who listens to emo music

has ovaries and whiney cry-baby voice

see Jacky
"Look at Jacky, he's such a emo-fag
by nipqer May 30, 2005
Emo fags doesn't exist. Becaus emos are not FAGs. People saying emos are fags are the fags one. To all of you fags "Why don't you let people(like emo kids) live life in peace. It's not because they are diferent and don't want to be cool and popular as much as you want that they are bad and malicious. Would you please think about it befor to tease some one(especially emo) becaus you never know the impact your words can have"
This emo kid is not a FAG, YOU are!
by _-*some emo boy lover*-_ June 22, 2005
a stupid term and stereotype invented by emo haters. they don't know what they're talking about cause they don't know how we really are. I don't cut myself, the guys i know don't cut themself and i don't cry a lot.. same for them.
Come on people wake up and use your brain! Cause when you call a person that way you must be really stupid and you must be someone who doesn't have much culture and knowledge.

Btw i prefer emo guys cause they respect me and don't treat me like some object and they have feelings and show them to me.
dumb guy #1: Haha! Look at that emo fag!
dumb guy #2: Yeah he's so girly and he must cut himself and always cry!
by <3 i love him... August 03, 2006
extremely hott kid...perferably with lip pierced and messy hair that covers half of the face that listens to songs about lost love and heartbreak...
look at the kid with the black hair and his lip pierced with the ninja turtle backpack...so hott
by Sarah March 01, 2005

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