Someone who epitomises the sappy and gay elements of regular demographics such as goths, teen boppers, punkers, skaters, surfers, etc.
Emo fag: My girlfriend, Janie, blocked me on Yahoo!IM. I knew she blocked me 'coz she was on AIM, but she didn't know I knew that. This makes me sad like the time my Taking Back Sunday signed skateboard was run over. I think I might take some Sudafed to help me bring and end to this life.
by La Douche April 13, 2004
One who listens to emo music, wears silly glasses and/or cries at the sunset. Also often a latent homosexual. Offensive term.
Gez, you big emofag, you've matched your shoes, t shirt and hair accessories.
by Minipip September 16, 2003
n. People (usually guys) who instead of kicking someones ass when they make fun of them, decied to try to kill themselves or write very bad poetry about satan or death. Usually made fun of and shunned by society.
Look at those emo fags over there wearing high heels.
by I Know Shit July 11, 2006
People in this day of society who suffer from bad cases of Emo. These emo kids have many signs which lead us to think they are emo fags.

They: cut themselves, hate themselves, hate everyone else, they are miserable, depressed etc. shop at thrift stores and often think they are punk
me- hey reid look at that stupid emo fag

reid- haha ya stupid emo fag

emo fag- Shmmaaaa i hate myself *slits wrist*

me- buy records. not tissues. fag!
by Adam February 24, 2004
I very stupid/retarded boy or girl who does not understand the phrase "deal with it". They tend to make everyone within 100 feet pissed off.
Look at that thouse emo fags, they realy pisses me off
by Homerow June 27, 2006
Bane of the universe
Either girly men or fat chicks in skin tight clothing
Often found listening to My Chemical Romance, amongst other crap, retarded music. Enjoy fishing for comments on myspace and generally being miserable cunts for a sympathy vote from others.

Often caught slashing their own wrists

...or not bothering to dance at a gig

...or wearing their little sisters pants
Regular Joe: Holy shit, look at those emo fags slash themselves
Emo-Fag: Oh My Gawwwd, i'm gonna complain about you on my LIVEJOURNAL *slashy slashy*
Regular Joe: Im sure those pants belong to his little sister
by He Who Sees All October 10, 2006
Hair over one eye, tight black jeans, tight t-shirt of their favourite band and black eye liner. Cool huh? Yeah right. They whinge about how crap life is and just listen to shit whingy music. They believe everyone is a conformist expect themselves. Look at yourself fags, your the fucking conformists! Get a hair cut, grow up and stop slitting your wrists. Then maybe you'll get a girlfriend and have an IQ of above 0.
Emo fag: ...I'm so emoXcore like omfg. My girlfriend just dumped me I'm going to go cut myself and and go hang around at the mall and be all depressed.

Gun: *Bang*, dead.

Everyone: Yay!
by ZOMGwtfHax May 10, 2006

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