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Much like homoerotic this world holds it's passé under the bridge. When one is "emoerotic" they have a tendency to be emo, in much the same way as a homoerotic person has a tendency to be a brown-digger.

Emoeroticism is a variant of Emoerotic, but whilst still a noun, should be used in a sentence with correct grammar.

Below are some examples of how you would use the two words.
Matty: Ashley quit being so fuckin' emoerotic
Ashley: -Cries a river-

Matty: Man I have never been SO surrounded by so much bloody emoeroticism, I think I'm gonna puke.
Mike: I think I just puked a little in my mouth already.. Ewww..
by Matthew Larsen August 28, 2006

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emo characteristics and sexual appeal wrapped up into one sexy "i'll cry you a river and look good while i'm doing it" individual.

think conor oberst.
you are looking very emo erotic this evening, brandon silverman.
by moj March 30, 2005