Two emo males kissing to get a girls attention.

Shockingly, girls find this attractive.

Matt: Dude, I think Angie's hot. I e-mailed her, sent her a fax and I sent letters to her but she dosn't check either!

Pete: I got this wicked plan.

( Pete whispers plan to Matt. )

Matt: Sweet! Let's go.

Pete and matt run to a public bar where Angie is.

Angie spotted the emo pair.

Matt: *Makes out with Pete*

Angie: *Approaches Matt* Hey.. Wanna go out?

Matt: Sure!

Matt: *Whispers to Pete* I.O.U
by UrbanDictionaryInfo November 23, 2007
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Two or more boys in skin tight t-shirts joined at the off-centre lip ring because they think they're the most sought after spectacle around and are breaking all bonds of conformity, despite the fact that they all dress exactly the same, all listen to the exact same music, all kiss each other because they can't get any girls to do it for them, and inevitably, will all have the exact same myspace picture of their clumsy, adolescent embrace with the caption "romanceXcore<333".

Far from being an act of teenage exploration which can be fondly recalled in years to come, most boys who succumb to the urge to lick the teeth of their mates will be haunted by not only the act, but by the publicity they craved in doing it and the fact that the only publicity they got was from their female friends who will never look at them twice, saying "aww cute lol xXx <3". This guilt spiral will continue until, one day, they do what they threatened to do all along to get attention from the friends who were all threatening the exact same thing, and slit their wrists the wrong way, bleeding into unconsciousness and waking up in a psychiatric unit where they get nailed relentlessly by their room mate.

Of course, this is exactly what they wanted.
I think we've all seen way too many examples of emo boys kissing.
by Thelfo May 01, 2006
the act of two males who fit emo standards smooching. not gay, just doing it for the publicity.
after looking at those emo boys kissing pictures, i gagged a little.
by T. Lex July 04, 2005
this is something that emo boys do very often.
two long fringed boys grabbing each other doesnt really hurt anyone. but does affend some people (homophobes).
emo boy kissing is usually very sexy to emo chicksand emo boys sometimes kiss to get the emo chick's attention.
some emos boys (and girls) are bisexual, but not all.
example of typical reason for emo boys kissing:
emo 1#: i really love jessica
emo 2#: thats so emo.
emo 1#: it really depresses me. thats so emo. i need to show her that i like her.
emo 2#: i have the most emo idea.....
(the pair run off to public place where jessica is)
emo1#: jessica, watch this, we're so emo...
jessica: (jumps on emo 1#)
by %%%!!!DeMoLiTiOnLoVeR!!!%%% March 16, 2007
when two boys that are emo hook up, makeout, kiss, what ever it is it's hot as hell and omg there is nothing else to explain it. it just makes you wanna watch it over and over again... i love emoboys kissing !!!!!!!!!!!
Emoboys kissing are in the corner. looking so cute and so hott

girls watching slowly put their hands down their pants and intently watch the hottness thats unfolding and unclothing before them
by alialialiahh September 23, 2006
when to boys of the 'emo' stereotype who, whether gay or bi, kiss.

they may or may not be doing it for the attention. sometimes they are, and i disapprove of this.
but most of the time, when the kiss occurs, it is out of love or lust, not just for the attention of it.
hey, look at those two emo boys kissing.
by XsammiXgirlX August 18, 2008
Come and see the best thing to happen to girls everywhere!
The amazing, the TERRIFIC, EMO BOYS KISSING! And the best part is, I'm sure they would kiss you too if you asked and were all emotional and 'no one understands me'.
Emo Boy #1: Whoa...Who set up all the cameras?
Emo Boy #2: I'm taking new pictures for my blog on my emotions.
Emo Boy #1: That's so deep.
Emo Boy #2: Yeah...But my viewers want something emo boys kissing...
Emo Boy #1: Wanna make out and take pictures so they can see us kiss?
Emo Boy #2: Sure.
by AMFSky December 20, 2006
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