A guy, usually between the ages of 15-30, who listens to emo music and have many of the characteristics commonly affiliated with emo people. They usually have semi-long jet black hair that covers about 1/3 of their face (including one of their eyes), may or may not wear eyeliner, and wear rather tight clothing, including tight jeans and tight shirts/sweaters, usually band merchandise. Many also have studded belts, and tend to like Converse or Vans shoes.

Now, about their personality. They usually have a bit of a feminine personality, expressing feelings quite openly, and not really caring about how "tough" they are, as most average guys do. Many are artistically talented, and like to write poetry and songs, or even draw/paint. It is often stereotyped that emo boys cut themselves, but actually, most don't. Those that do, though, do NOT do it simply for attention. They do it because of actual emotional issues they're dealing with. Otherwise they're simply emo posers.

They more often that not are very nice and respectful towards other people. However, most likely they would not be respected by many guys since upon first glance they'll think they're gay. I see this as ignorance, as in fact, most emo boys are NOT gay. Sure, some might be, but more often than not, they're either bi or just straight. Emo boys get along very well with girls for this reason, as girls not only share many of their views, but are also undeniably attracted to them.

I myself share some of the characteristics associated with emo boys. I like emo music, have a slightly soft personality, and get along well with girls. But, unlike the bad stereotypes given to emo boys, I do not cut, nor am I gay or bi. I want people to understand that emos are not all about being depressed and hating themselves. It's just an aspect of your personality that is often anti-stereotypical to an average guy's behavior.
"That emo boy over there is talking to another girl again. They both seem happy, and I'm sure the girl likes him too. I can see why."
by SomeBadJoke July 23, 2006
guy who wears girls pants...isnt afraid to show their emotions
Mikey Way from My chemical romance
by Jojo/Baby May 08, 2005
Emo boys are basically boys from teens to early adults to tend to be more emotional and like to express them selves more than the usually 'i'm tough and won't show I'm scared' guy. They have a tendency to dress in tighter pants then normal(usually jeans), small fitting shirts/sweaters with funky designs or phrases expressing something and last but not least emo boys usually are seen wearing all kinds of accessories like necklaces, chains, snakebites, gloves, belts, and etc. Emo boys like girl emos usually have or dye thier hair jet black or have streaks of black in thier hair. It's grown pretty long for a guy and is straigthen and styled to be covering a part of the face. The different styles can range from being a neat one side bangs covering a part of the face to super cool messed up looking hair that still covers a part of the face.
Most of the time they are mistaken to be 'all' gay when that is not true. Some do become bisexual becuase of the deep feelings they have but being emo is something like a slighty different style of living. Most emo boys are pretty good looking and wear eye makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadow to give thier eyes an effect. In the end they're not freaks, just people and are really nice people in general.
Boy: Dude, look at those guys with long hair and girly jeans, aren't they gay?

Boy2: Nah dude, they're emo boys, thier pretty cool and he could be gay but you can't be sure.
by Shar3894 September 30, 2007
An offensive online video of satirist Dan Wall making fun of stereotypes about emo kids. The refrain goes something like "Cry cry cry. cut cut cut. sad sad sad."
The video features him pulling out knives out of nowhere to hold to his wrists, and some very crappy poetry.
"Emo boy. Emo boy. Sad sad sad."
by Mark Turin April 24, 2009
emo boys are the hottest guys ever. most wear tight pants and have black hair, of course, this is also a steriotype. but yesh, emo guys are very sexy.
girl#1: "omg look at that emo guy over there sitting by himself"
girl#2: "yea omg, im going to go and play with his hair"
girl#1: "-shoots the other girl- not if i do first"
girl#1 goes and marrys the very sexy emo guy and they make hudreds of emo babies.

in other words, emo boys are sexy :]
by dkgjj October 15, 2005
A boy who has long hair that covers up their face, listens to sad or depressing music, occasionaly hardcore rock or metal plus occasional screamo, they are very deep and emotional, they do not cut their wrists and cry, they are very nice people and very caring, they wear skinny jeans or tight pants, also band t-shirts, they also wear vans or converse
the emo boy turned on his ipod and listened to of mice and men while doing a dramatic hair flip
by emoboyforlife August 24, 2010
Emo boys have figured out that if they pretend to have the same gushy emotions as teenage girls they will score with those girls more often.
Dude, the reason Emily won't go out with you is you're not enough like Emo boys.
by OldSarge July 09, 2010
I'm emo, and I'm gay, but I'm not gay because I'm emo, and I'm not emo because I'm gay. In fact, despite what most people thing, most emo boys aren't gay, or even bi. Trust me, I would know. Yes, they do wear girls jeans, tight shirts, and eyeliner. And yes, they are sensitive, but gay and sensitive aren't the same thing.

Also, most emo boys do not cut themselves and cry and are depressed all the time. The majority of emo boys I know are actually quite happy with themselves. They do write rather depresssing poetry once in a while, but that's just being creative, okay?
Girl 1: The emo boy over there looks really sad. I think he's cutting himself.
Girl 2: No, I think he's just tired.
by mon cheri garcon July 21, 2008

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