Sheep, mainly people who are apparently "depressed" / "misunderstood" / "alone" etc. etc. so on and so forth some often try to self harm...but in the end most can't even cut themselves properly, they don't have a sense of individuality, thats why they are sheep, they just follow the trend because someone else is, and they are because someone else is, and the cycle continues, they listen to depressive music claiming to be "in touch with their emotions" but actually aren't, the male emo's are often thought to be gay, with long hair and feminine looking clothing, could be classed as a new species, and the female emo's ruin themselves with pointless random piercings...
Guy1 "That guy over there looks like a woman, he has long hair with a tight jumper and skin tight jeans"

Guy2 "I know, he's just an emo...he listens to depressive music and cuts himself while crying himself to sleep"

Guy1 "Oh right, lets take the piss outta him"
by 00zero February 25, 2007
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A person that’s always complaining about his life, making a drama out of everything. They usually come to you and just talk about their problems, to the point they annoy the hell out of you, because no matter what you do, you can’t help them, or cheer them up. Being depressive, dramatic and complaining about everything becomes their way of living.

Most of the time they are just attention whores looking for everyone’s compassion and time. They sometimes tell you they are going to suicide, but never really do it, because its just another way to get attention.
person 1> Hello
person 2> Hi
person 1> whats up
peeson 2> Just playing SSBM, and you? (never ask that back if you're not in a mood for drama XD)
person 1> My mom is being and ass, she won't get me a wii and says I'm useless..... bla bla bla
person 2> ... stop being so emo, I'm not in a mood right now
by Ruakuu April 19, 2008
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Please just cut a little deeper and bleed out.
Q: How many people does it take to cut an emo sandwich?
A: Zero. Just sit there and wait for it to cut itself.
by ihatemarinagirls December 22, 2008
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Emotional Post Hardcore-hardcore punk played on the minor keys (thats sad keys to you none musical folks!) with a poor rhythm section whiney vocals integrated with harsh screams singing emotional/introspective lyrics.
Has been around since the mid 1980's

The nerdy 'emo' kids are called:fashioncore they dont listen to emo they listen to bands like My Chemical Romance and they are the ones that cry about ex girlfreinds
Emo: Fugazi, Rites of Spring, Jawbreaker, Embrace, Mineral, Moss Icon, City Of Caterpillar all bands on Dischordwww.dischord.comor Jade Tree Recordswww.jadetree.com

Not Emo: Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Dashboard Confessional, Bright Eyes, Matchbook Romance etc (in general these bands are reffered to as shitcore or wannabemo-soft-shitcore-rock
by Saml J Grudgings May 24, 2005
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A "person", usually in their early teens, who think that the fact that their parents refuse to buy them a Corvette is the end of the world, and therefore their life is spiraling down a large black hole of deceit and sorrow. The want to express their individuality, but really they are just expressing the individuality of a large group, pretty much making them the very conformists they think they are fighting. Ironic.
So an emo kid tried insulting me today. When I pointed out that he automatically loses any argument he enters due to the fact that he's emo, he ran away crying. Go figure...
by Armalite1016 July 17, 2008
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1.Someone who is very sensitive, therefore more easily upset than normal
You can't rarely tell if someone is emo or not, only close reletives or themselves, some emos are also easily angered, disgusted or depressed(which is where the myth about all emos being depressed came from.)
2.Someone who is so easily upset that they are always so, often wear drab clothes to express the fact that they are sad, though, contary to popular belief not usually goth clothes.
There should be another name for them, since nowdays, if someone hears the word 'emo' they instantly think of this definition.

1."But it's cruel!"
2."Don't mind them, their emo, they think everything's cruel."

by Scarlo_hara February 15, 2008
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A hilarious word to look up on the internet and the source of endless jokes and hurt feelings.
Weemo:I'm not even emo in my tight jeans, converses and strange angular haircut.
Emo: I hate emos with their cut off jeans,angular hair and strange graphical teeshirts.
ExEmo: Now i'm not emo anymore,i really do want to die because that shit was embarrasing.
by Ronnie Rottten August 30, 2008
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