a person who likes rock music. real emos have a wider music taste that you would think and they generally do not give a shit if the popular kids like some of their music or not. they do not always wear completely black or cut themselves. real emos only cut themselves if they actualy are depressed about something. fake emos cut so that they can fit in with the emo stereotype.
cc is emo but they do not cut themselves.
by xkruelx February 15, 2017
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A self-hating waste of life. You just want to cut them yourself because all they do is complain about love they'll never have, (not to mention the friends they could only dream of). Nevermind waiting for them to finally end it all.

They have also ruined the fun of wearing certain clothes and coloring your hair or sneakers(not emo, we've been doing that since we were kids)

"Taking Back Sunday, Senses Fail, and My Chemical Romance falls under the "horrible pop rock" genre, not the emo genre."

(This happens to be intensley false. These bands are called alternative rock. Fucking MTV and superficial whores made this horrible label happen.)
I am such a fucking emo pussie, please slit my throat before I do. :
by Meggyyy March 01, 2007
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emos are gay's the fuck each other, bite their penis moan about being shot in the balls.

Let's say that dick-licker is a emo.
Dude: I was walking down the street and I saw some wierdo, he was wearing black and had hair covering one part of his eye.

Friend: Next!? Tell me!

Dude: Hold on to your dick, I got my foot and kicked his nuts soo hard I heard a *CRACK* and there was blood coming, I dragged him into my car boot, shut the lid and drove to some dark alleyway. Next I tied him up to some dumpsters, I took out my BAZOOKA and shove it up his gay ass shot. I survied cause I rule :D

Friend: *shouts*FUCK EMOS, GAY BOYS SUCK

Crowd: YEAH! *shoots walking emos*
by Kicked_a_emo_in_the_nuts November 19, 2010
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see, what happened was...
some guy's girlfriend broke his guitar.
so he got irrationally emotional and broke his girlfriend's heart.
6 years ago, mind you.
now he cuts himself because he misses her.
and his guitar.
but he cant afford it because he's too sad to get a job.
so he borrows his friend's dashboard albums to get through the pain.

EMO rant:
my soul is bleeding!
where's my dashboard and my razorblade?
by KellyMarie February 03, 2006
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Any one who doesn't have a crew-cut and can't lift over 20kilos. Also some one, who might be wearing even one item of black/dark clothing, (doesn't matter if it is only shoes or sunglasses) or some one with dark hair (hold on a second your asian so your hair is naturally black?- doesn't matter). Basically something derogatory to call some one who doesn't fit in, in order to ostracize them further. Synonymous with Jew, nigger, faggot, etc.
by shasta752 August 12, 2009
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A group on whiny teenagers who sulk on how bad there life is. Most of these winy faggots are very well off and have no reason to whine about everything. The emo guys were tight pants and look like girls. They complain about every little thing and the faggots cut themselves wen somthing dosn't go there way.
Hey Tom look at all the cuts on my wrist!! says Jerry. Wow good job! Your a true emo says Tom.
by Heil_to_mich July 09, 2006
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by Looser101 August 30, 2008
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