A wannabe slut who acts like an emo because she's that desperate.
John: Hey, check out that hottie
Ross: Man, she's totally an emo slut.
by Nucking Futs April 25, 2007
Top Definition
Everybody who submits there picture to the emo category to make people think they're emobut, then they make themselves less emo buy putting it there.
EmoJOe:"I'm gonna go submit my pic to the EMO CATEGORY!!"

EmoMOe:"emo slut."
by GangstaP May 13, 2005
Someone who lives the emo life to the fullest. Listens to a lot of emo music, wears emo clothes, and cries themselves to sleep.
Dave: "Hey Ted, check out my new glasses! See they are cool because I don't really need glasses...but no one knows!"

Ted:"Emo slut"
by 1234567890239042342342123 July 21, 2006
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