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Everybody who submits there picture to the emo category to make people think they're emobut, then they make themselves less emo buy putting it there.
EmoJOe:"I'm gonna go submit my pic to the EMO CATEGORY!!"

EmoMOe:"emo slut."
by GangstaP May 13, 2005
91 42
A wannabe slut who acts like an emo because she's that desperate.
John: Hey, check out that hottie
Ross: Man, she's totally an emo slut.
by Nucking Futs April 25, 2007
33 18
Someone who lives the emo life to the fullest. Listens to a lot of emo music, wears emo clothes, and cries themselves to sleep.
Dave: "Hey Ted, check out my new glasses! See they are cool because I don't really need glasses...but no one knows!"

Ted:"Emo slut"
by 1234567890239042342342123 July 21, 2006
36 34