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A term unique to only one person; the person who originally wrote the "emo maiden" definition. Apparently inspired by Iron Maiden's vocalist Bruce Dickinson's tendency to hold high notes in a manner that can be compared to prolonged whining.
I believe Iron Maiden started the emo trend and I call the band "Emo Maiden" because I have very little knowledge of music history.
by Marcus Solomon September 03, 2007
A derogetory term which cool people use to describe fans of heavy metal music or anyone who claims heavy metal music as their first and foremost choice of music.

Metal heads as they are called often spend alot of time and energy whining about rap,goth,emo and other crappy ass music not realizing that their music also sucks and is laughed at by us old-school motherfuckers as trendy,teeny-bopper music.These punk ass little bitches are also always talking about how great and how cool bands like Iron Maiden,Guns and Roses,and Motley Crue are as if those bands even rate.Iron Maiden is a fucking joke.GNR has no talent.And Motley Crue are better known as the Douche Crew or as Buttley Screw to those "in the know" a.k.a. cool people.

synonyms: poser , fag , emo-fag , goth , trendies wanna-be's ,etc.
Oh my goth,look at those emo maidens thinkin they're all billy-badass baggin on emo and goth and not even knowing that metal is just as gay and pointless and stupid.Fuckin teenyboppers!!!!! emo-maidens = teenybopper bullshit!!!!!

Go listen to Mercyful Fart and die you little emo-maidens!!

I'll fuckin kill all you little fags! (quite literally)

(my wallet is the one that says "bad motherfucker" on it)
It refers to Iron Maiden because they're the shitty band that started all of this wanna-be/bullshit music.

Fuck DISCO,Iron Maiden,Heavy MEtal,Mtv,Rap,Emo,Goth,anything-"core",Nu MEtal,Old MEtal,Grunge(u know that Pearl Jam horseshit),Acapella Boy Bands,Pop WHORES and music videos!!!!!

Fuck techno,ecstasy,gangs,fashion,crime,Prince and Madonna!
Emo Maiden is fucking homosexual opera!
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