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Used to describe the act of two emo guys kissing, sometimes achieving an emorgasm. Supposedly emo kissing does not mean that the males are gay, it is just a form of compassion. However, if being homosexual entails the desire to be passionate with other men, and emo kissing means the desire to be passionate with other men, then emo kissing is equivalent to being homosexual.
Bob: Is that two gay guys making out?
Jim: No, it's two emo guys emo kissing.
Bob: Wait... they're dudes, and they're kissing, so how does that not make them gay?
Jim: Uh... I don't know...
by TheCaffeineJunky December 11, 2006
hot guys who have incredible fashion sense get together and kiss which i see no gayness in if it gives us "emorgasms". and they are way to magnifascent to be gay.
one day zach was walking down a dark alley when he spotted his friend pete standing in a corner crying and of course zach being the nice person he is he just couldn't help but pick him up and kiss him. then one thing lead to another and.. VOILA!! u my friend have just witnessed emo kissing. so as you can see, it is only a form of compassion and care.... and maybe a little sexual. but just a little.
by alanna mariah September 22, 2006
doesnt exist if it does normally between two guys if not two extremely ugly girls
is tht emo kissing?????????????? no.... he's just ewwwwwww wait nope i cant tell anymore
by darkfire0215 February 26, 2007
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