long dyed bangs in front of face, an expression, a style
josefsy is a standout at the ust cfad with his emo hair.
by marejosa August 12, 2006
the sexiestt, niceest feeling haair to touch& see(:
matthew lush has great emo hair
by lenuhlbmthl June 11, 2008
the reverse mullet. long bangs in the front, short in the back
There goes another emo clone with a reverse mullet...

emo hair
by TheRealTrent October 16, 2008
The Signature look of a person with no mind of his/her own and only the mind of a clueless-hopeless trend-follower
"HO shit, that guy has Emo hair! Isn't he cute"
"You think that kind of shit is cute? Come on you just saw the same thing on a GIRL. I can't tell the difference, so it must be the same Chick we just saw"
"But how can he be a chick if he has no boobs"
"Why do you think that chick is emo in the first place?"

inb4 Boobs don't make women.
by Not Good August 28, 2008
Emo hair is hair that many 14-16 year old boys get to get girls. It is usually black and greasy,short at the back and it partially covers one or both eyes. Usually people get an emo haircut to look attractive, because there ugly as hell. I know many people who have an emo haircut and girls always flirt with him. But the truth is without their "emo haircut" their not that attractive.
Classmate: Are you emo?

Emo hair kid: Nah i just have this hair style so all the girls will dig me, im really ugly without it.
by EmoHairSucks May 20, 2008
Emo Hair is a general indicator of defining one's below average intelligence.

When showing infatuation for this particular type of hair cut, it is possible to give a rough estimate of their below average intelligence, which also attributes to their usage of using short form words such as "ur" and the overuse of the acronym "lol".

Emo Hair is a trend, highly similar to the "big hair" trend of the 1980's, and is only worn by those who are unable to define their own personality and find it necessary to follow others to gain acceptance as their low self confidence forces them into trying to be like who they think that everyone else wants them to look, no matter how ridiculous that it may make them appear.

Often it is copied from and used by "emo" bands who use this hair cut to make themselves seem "trendy" and thus gain mainstream appeal among pre-teens who have fallen victim to the current trend of this hair cut as a means of social acceptance.
"That chicks kind of cute"
"Dude, that's a guy with emo hair"

"lol ur a qt i luv ur hair lol"
*listens to dashboard confessional"
by superflydopeyo November 21, 2008
Emo Hair - There is a long story behing emo hair. I will tell it if u dont mind. Some random suicidal kid was to chicken shit to kill himself. So he was always telling the people near him how he felt. He let his hair grow long then one day decided to go get it cut. He sat down in the barbers chair and started telling his storys. The barbor after the first cut got tired of his crapie stoies so he gouged out his eyes with the sizors. The barbor continued to cut the boys hair blind. And that is how emo hair came about. :P
OMG look at that dudes emo hair. well there goes another good barber.
by J_Man420_69 September 10, 2009
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