Emo Hair is a general indicator of defining one's below average intelligence.

When showing infatuation for this particular type of hair cut, it is possible to give a rough estimate of their below average intelligence, which also attributes to their usage of using short form words such as "ur" and the overuse of the acronym "lol".

Emo Hair is a trend, highly similar to the "big hair" trend of the 1980's, and is only worn by those who are unable to define their own personality and find it necessary to follow others to gain acceptance as their low self confidence forces them into trying to be like who they think that everyone else wants them to look, no matter how ridiculous that it may make them appear.

Often it is copied from and used by "emo" bands who use this hair cut to make themselves seem "trendy" and thus gain mainstream appeal among pre-teens who have fallen victim to the current trend of this hair cut as a means of social acceptance.
"That chicks kind of cute"
"Dude, that's a guy with emo hair"

"lol ur a qt i luv ur hair lol"
*listens to dashboard confessional"
by superflydopeyo November 21, 2008
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Normally Black or dark, longish hair that frames the face and sweeps to the side...emo boy must flip hair out of face ocasionally but not completly out, he simply wants girls to notice his hair, emo hair ranges from very greasy to clean, depends on the emo kid
Conon Oberst, David Desrosiers,
by Ispillmyheart4u May 27, 2005
Any hair style with longer bangs that are parted to one side or the other; often to the right.
Look at that guy's hot emo hair!
by wakeupinlove March 30, 2005
The sexiest hair style in the world. Those who don't believe in it are clearly jealous for it is the buffest hair ever.

Those who hate it are usualy the ones who can't pull it off for they are too uncool.
Emo boy: *flicks hair*
Emo girl: *sweeps away his side fringe and kisses him* MARRY ME!
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
Hair that cuts itself. Very convenient! =3
Davy has emo hair, so he never has to go get it trimmed.
I wish my grass were emo...
by 121212 February 15, 2006
Emo hair is usually dyed black. Sometimes red works too. It has bangs cut straight along the forhead (covering one eye). Greasy//messy. Spiked up in the back. Long bleached blond hair often works for girls and can also be emo. As would be the mop top.
Whoa; look at that emo boy flip his hair over his eyes!
by Nikki W. June 25, 2005
hair that sweeps across ones face like a sweeping side fringe and is very shexiful, oh aye.
Bob: look i have hair that sweeps acroos my face in the form of a side fringe.
Dylan: Aye
by shawnie March 02, 2005
Sexy hot hair, greasy looking, usually black, falls in boys eyes in a "I wanna brush your hair off your face kinda way" shaggy and ADORABLE
I want emo hair....

by xXBright EyesXx February 25, 2005

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