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1. n: a mildly alcoholic beverage with a bitter after taste, made with scotch and a misunderstood counter-culture boy's tears after reading his own song lyrics he wrote for the girl or boy for whom the aforesaid "emo-boy" is sexually interested in, but cannot find consolidation in. The drink is decreasing in popularity due to the fact that no one likes an attention whore.
this "emo boys kissing" sucks, somebody get me a damn apple-tini already!
by GrEY-maz April 06, 2009
71 57
Gay or Bi guys in denail, who say they kiss for other reasons. Also contributes to girls who are also in denial and who would rather these guys be stright or even Bi.
Girl: "Oh, Johns not gay, he just feels like kissing Jared."(Denial)

Guy: "Dude, just because i kiss guys doesn't mean i like them."(Denial)

Girl/Guy: "Emo guys just seem gay, they are really not, see Geroge has a girlfriend"(Denail)

-Emo Boys Kissing-
by DarthN September 05, 2006
117 103
Come and see the best thing to happen to girls everywhere!
The amazing, the TERRIFIC, EMO BOYS KISSING! And the best part is, I'm sure they would kiss you too if you asked and were all emotional and 'no one understands me'.
Emo Boy #1: Whoa...Who set up all the cameras?
Emo Boy #2: I'm taking new pictures for my blog on my emotions.
Emo Boy #1: That's so deep.
Emo Boy #2: Yeah...But my viewers want something interesting...like emo boys kissing...
Emo Boy #1: Wanna make out and take pictures so they can see us kiss?
Emo Boy #2: Sure.
by AMFSky December 20, 2006
49 45
When straight guys can't get any girls so they go and makeout with their bestfriend, who happens to look like a girl and brag to all their emo friends on xanga or myspace that they are in, what they call, 'love'.
Emo boy's kissing:
Harrison:-Cry's- Omggg!!!! Lucy dumped me again!!!
Tom:Dude I hadn't had a girlfriend for like 4 years!!-sobs-
Tom:Hey, I have an Idea, let's all makeout, and take pictures of it, and we'll be cooler than XRyanX.
by mickeymouse April 01, 2006
36 63
Emo boys kissing. Right. It's when remedial 'scene' shites decide it'll be cute and clever to pull, giving just-as-murderable emo girls slimey knickers and actual homos a boner. It's about as interesting and original as Courtney Love getting her baps out.
"Dude, that's girl's like TOTALLY checking up on you. Wanna make out?"

"OMG, emo boys kissing! Let's screw to My Chemical Romance and say 'lol' out loud! Ahahaha!"
by Herr Heilster May 27, 2006
343 426
The most despicable and disgusting of acts that an emo could commit. Two or more boys, all clones of a social scene comprised of pathetic outcasts kissing because they think they're rebels. They must kiss boys because all of the girls have pussys and they dont need another one!
Hot emo boys kissing
by Tyson P July 14, 2006
325 647