A person who is a good all rounder at most sports however lacks social skills due to being boastful and also has a small sex drive due to the amount of physical exercise they do. Never expect to an Emmett to be well endowed either.
A: That guy is good at hockey!!

B: That may be so but seriously he's a bit of loner

A: Why?

B: He's such an emmett!!
by capriconvlibra August 27, 2009
You know when you are walking through the grass barefoot and you get a funny warm sensation oozing through your toes? Yeah, that's an emmett.

It is the most terrible awful feeling in the world because seconds later you are all like "yes, the grass feels amazing between my toes, then suddenly you go, awww crap, literally".
Don't worry, I will get the baseball...awww dammmmmmit, I feel an emmett between my toes.
by Sir Henry the Poopsmith November 22, 2007

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