A "local" in a college town.

I tried to drive to the all-campus party at the Delta house, but all these darn emmets were clogging up the roads, most likely on their way to a hollerin' contest.

I got this word from "The Real Animal House" by Chris Miller, but is probably a common term.
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An Emmet is the best friend you could ever have. He is super fun to talk to and hang out with. He is really sweet and friendly and always makes you feel great, even if its just because he smiles at you. Whether he's playing frisbee, lax, violin, or mowin' lawns, he does so with liberal amounts of swag. Girls adore him, and guys envy his natural charm. If you are lucky enough to have an Emmet in your life, don't loose him!
'If I had an Emmet, I wouldn't be so depressed'
'If I had an Emmet, I wouldn't be into hardcore drugs'
'If I had an Emmet, my life would be complete'

Fan Girl 1 'How come you stood me up at that Justin Beiber Concert and backstage tour?'
Fan Girl 2 'Sorry, I was chillin' with Emmet'
Fan Girl 1 'And you didn't invite me?!?!? B****!'
#bff #lax #sweet #bro #perfect #friend
by rumbleroar1995 July 18, 2011
A good boyfriend who is really hot .
He knows how to treat his girl. He is really fun to hang out with and is hilarious. Girls flirt with him and he may flirt back but at the end of the day he will treat his girlfriend with full attention.
Emmet has a tendency to smoke weed a lot not to mention gets grounded often.
Crystal: "Are you dating Emmet?"

Jane: "Yeah."

Crystal: " Awh, he's a keeper."

Daniel: "Emmet is so hot."

Scarlet: "I know. His girlfriend is lucky to have him!"
#emmet #hot #hilarious #weed #sweet
by Emmetlover December 04, 2011
An Emmet is a man of brilliant natural talent, an entertainer, is highly intelligent, very creative, is the life and soul of the party, has beautiful eyes, chiseled abs, stunning features, and is really really ridiculously good looking. He is a leader of men who is respected by his peers. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. Some Emmet’s can suffer from an addiction to pain medication such as Vicodin, while others can suffer from a compulsive gambling disorder. However this does not stop Emmet’s from achieving greatness. Emmet’s are adored by women and all go on to become a Legend.
When asked at a recent Hollywood Premiere what her ideal man would be like, Super Model Marisa Miller said "I'd love to meet an Emmet, those guys are amazing"

"That guy Emmet is a Legend"

"When I grow up I'm changing my name to Emmet so I can get all the girls too"

"An Emmet got have a code"

"That Emmet fella is the funniest bastard I've ever met"
#leader of men #highly intelligent #very creative #entertainer #legend
by Sophie1001 February 05, 2010
One of the unfortunate bastards with this name that isn't a tourist or the Irish equivalent of a chav.

These rare creatures have an intelligence and loyalty second to none but are constantly haunted by any nametags or letters for them.
Person A: Hey, what's your name?

Person B: Nice to meet ya, it's Emmet. How about you?

Person A: ... I... I have to go...

Person B: Oh God not again ;-;
#bad luck #emmet #name #not tourists #awesome person
by NotEmmet February 05, 2010
What hillbillies believe to be God's true name.
YAHWIST PREACHER: Yahweh is the true name of God the Father, whereas Yahshua HaMashiach is the true name of Jesus Christ...

(After the sermon)

HILLBILLY: Gee, preacher, I was amazed to find out that God's true name is Yahweh. I always thought it was Emmet.

PREACHER: "Emmet"? I never heard that one before! What made you think that God's true name was Emmet?

HILLBILLY: Cuz when my Dad was mad he'd always say "God Emmet"!
#god #yahweh #jehovah #jovah #jesus h. christ
by Billy Bob Benson June 24, 2006
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