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emma jones is a woman from bridgwater with a kind warm heart, mostly found hanging around bobby her best friend.
shes blonde but not think, slim and fit.
emma jones sexy, emma jones likes men, emma jones like dogs
by moussey jones December 10, 2010
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the sexiest, most amazing girl on the face of this planet. Normally found in her home in louisiana or at the frothy monkey coffee shop. she likes music, photography, skateboarding, and colleting garden gnomes (no idea why >_> ).uhhh, she's tall and likes to boss sixth graders around. Her ipod seems like it's attached to her. SHE IS A BEAST AT MAKING HOT CHOCOLATE (*coughnickcoughcough*). OH and when she talks about something she likes or sees something amazing she spazzes out like this


she's downright amazing though
by EMMAJONESR00LZ November 02, 2008
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Amazing. The most loving, caring, sweet, and perfect girl in the world. People criticize her only because they can't handle the beauty and grace she possesses. She has Beauty inside and outside. Her love for God is what shines through everyday. Her smile can light up a room. She has such grace and kindness in her little toe then most people posses in their entire body
by **{emmy}**{grace}** February 23, 2017
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