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An Emily, is one who rides unicorns. All Emily's have the magic talent to ride a unicorn anywhere they want. Normally the unicorn is pink, but sometimes can be other colors, like dark pink. If you see an Emily, make sure you bring up the topic about unicorns, and watch as she she goes on and on about them. Unicorns are very special to Emily's and it's easy to know what to get an Emily for her birthday!
Danielle: Look, it's a girl riding a unicorn way up in the sky!

Jenny: Oh, it must be an Emily! Look at her go!

The Emily waves and smiles as she glides by on her unicorn.
by KittyKittyKat January 04, 2010
1006 502
An absolutely stunning person. Has an amazing heart and personality. She is like a princess, someone you should always keep close to you.
Boy 1: Wow, look at that girl. She looks like a godess.
Boy 2: Yeah, thats Emily
by reecelover December 07, 2011
700 205
A girl who you always think of no matter how far away they are, you can still feel them as if they were givin you a hug at this very second. You think of them as you wake up and as you go to sleep. Gorgeous eyes that you could just stare into for your whole life. Emily is understanding, fun and honest. Very blunt in the best possible way and sweethearted, she cares deeply for her friends, and knows that fun is what life is all about. Brings out the best in people and you feel like you and her have known each other since time began, the sort of person you can spend forever with, or give up forever to spend a few seconds with. Makes the world go round and once you've met Emily, you will never want to be apart from her. Emily also inspired various songs such as 'You Need To Be Here' by Hoobastank and Built to Last by Melee
Dude how've ya been

Awesome thanks just been talking to Emily all night long

Dude Sweet

You have no idea how Sweet she is man :)
by Shiro Okami Baka April 01, 2010
765 321
Emily is an extremely kind person. She hasn't always had the best life, and sometimes feels neglected by her family. She's beautiful, but doesn't believe so. Emily is very self conscious and she's suffering, but just won't show it. She's the most amazing person out there, but she can't see it. Emily is the one you think is shy though she is always there to listen and doesn't take a good friend for granted. She will always treat you well. Emily has respect for herself as well as others, and she is always thinking of others. Emily is forgiving, but she won't be pushed around. She is strong in her values, but she won't shove her beliefs down your throat. Emily is a Christian and loves the Lord, and her personality shows that. She's caring, and loyal, and gives great advice. She has some amazing friends that she'd do anything for. Emily is a girl you'll want to know.
That girl's so sweet, She MUST be an Emily.
by 123321995 October 25, 2011
542 159
1.) An Emily is a female with big aspirations in life. She's likely to go far.

Emilys don't care what others think. However, they care about themselves. They don't dress up for OTHERS, they dress up because they WANT to look good. Emilys are very open and gentle. These girls are creative to the max and tend to have artistic abilities. Emilys are fantastic friends and are absolutely adorable. If you find an Emily, hold onto her. She's a keeper.
Tyler: My girlfriend is majorly Emily.
John: Lucky.

Susie: Jill got into Yale and Harvard!
Angie: Oh man, She's such an Emily!
by tylerjohnsusieangiejill April 12, 2009
784 452
Best BFF in the world. Loyal, loving, caring, grateful.
You see that girl? She's so amazing, she's an Emily!
by Hifib January 03, 2012
483 160
The most amazing girl in the world. She's an angel and always will be. She captivates hearts and she will always hold mine. I will forever be held captive by her. Nothing can change that.
I love you, Emily.
by Monster <3 September 25, 2011
476 172