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1.another media gimmick that tries to get kids to feel diffrent and special.....while only acting like everyone else who likes emily the strange.

2. Contradiction. Emily supposedly follows her own rules and is an anti-hero. How can her fans be like her when she an anti-hero?
omfg!! look at me!! i'm wearing emily the strange clothes
by thisismyname June 29, 2005
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a very unintelligent brand that all wearers pay a billion dollars for in the hopes that wearing it will make them appear oh so witty for wearing a shirt that say "i hate life. or Rules are meant to be broken". What they seem to fail to realize is that if you really were a rebel you wouldn't need to buy a shirt with a girl who never goes out and doesn't have a natural lip color and is a crazed cat woman in order to be one.
Person#1: Oh hello, look at me and my really tight too small Emily the Strange t-shirt that says "emily says:break the rules and make up your own" aren't i the toughest s*** ever?

Person#2: ok toughie, lets go rob a bank!

Person#1: Oh no, i am so sorry but my mom gave me a two o clock in the afternoon curfew. Latazz!
by Emily the Strangest August 15, 2006
Cool character found on a whole ton of merchandise. Some posers think that wearing Emily the Strange and Ruby Gloom stuff makes them emo or whatever but it doesn't. ITs just a cool character. Get over it posers, you're ruining it for the rest of us.
Poser: Im sooo deperessed, unique, emo, suicidal etc with this emily the strange bag
Normal person who happens to think emily is cool: fuck you
by xxxbexxxx September 04, 2005
A fantastic comic book series and delightful cartoon character created by...someone who is not me (I forgot). She is often seen on T-shirts.
Emily the Strange is the only American comic book I like.
by PoPiPo May 18, 2011
A media outlet to make emo/goth kids feel better about themselves. Buying her clothing and/or products does not make you feel ''wild'' and ''rebellious'' It just makes you more of a douche than you already are. Grow up.
Emo/Prep: OmG!111 emily the strange!

Me: Grow up, kid
by DizzyLizzy January 18, 2007
A hilarious and gimmicky method of making money off of children who think they're special and different.

Uses the common marketing tactic of channeling an already dead counterculture to make a quick buck. See definitions for Apple, Hot Topic, Bose, Harley Davidson, and countless other brands that sell a "lifestyle" or "experience" rather than and actual product worth owning.
Misled little cousin: OMG Emily the Strange is sooooo cool!

Me: How?

Misled little cousin: IDK... she's just like... umm... you know?

Me: ... no. <annoyed>
by zerocoolx October 28, 2009
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