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is the name of a young woman in a movie based off of Analise Michel who was possesed
The movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosley based on the true story of Analise Michel.
by Emily S. July 10, 2006
The best person in the entire world. Likes people names ZACK. Gives Dave head. Nobody likes her except her closest friends SKYE & MIRANDA. but thats alrighttt. driver of the skemily mobileee. ILOVEYOUEMILYROSE!<3
EmilyRosee is my best friendd.
by SKYEEEE LYNNN June 29, 2009
The real life girl who was possessed by demons. She died days later.
"I am the one who dwells withinside Emily Rose?"
by Naes Ttekcup September 12, 2005
crazy mofo rower who can pull like a man. amusing girl with an odd sense of humour. dislikes unhealthy food with an obssesively scary passion
oh my god, i'm going to be fat!!
by bec)) May 02, 2005
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