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1. A name derived from the combination of "Emily" and "Lea". "Emily" means a meadow, while "Lea" means a light. Therefore, the name "Emilea" literally means "a light in the meadow".

Please note, that anyone with any personality/likes/dislikes can be named "Emilea". The previous definition states otherwise, which is inaccurate.
Did you see Emilea at the football game last night? Her t-shirt looked so soft!
by BlueHydrangeas June 02, 2016
vegitarian,animal/andrew loving girl, big green eyes, black chicks ass, and brown hair!!! anti animal made clothing. Tends to be attrackted to boys with Flaming red hair and freckles from head to toe, and wear extreamely tight pants. Usually have a tattoo of a green/blue dragonfly around the stomachal area.
Emilea.. the one and only!!
by erika April 15, 2005
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