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popular nickname for emily
a cute way of addressing a person named emily who is atractive, sexy, or a close friend.
1. hows it going?
not bad and you?
not so good i lost $20
awwwww poor emie

2. hey sexy
hey emie
hows it going babe?

by sexybitch March 27, 2005
a beautiful Haitian girl and she is nice skinny and and can shake her money maker .Emie is her actual name not emily and she loves nails and make up she loves white boys and cant calm herself
todd: i love emie dude
bob: ikr she can twerk on this dick
by emiiiiieee April 18, 2013
A cross between an indie and an emo kid. A male example of this would be Dallas Green wannabes that pose meaningfully in front of their webcam and bitch about any music that doesn't consist of pretentious lyrics, over exaggerated frustration within the vocals and acoustic guitar.
Person 1 (Emie): Music just isn't the same anymore, bands are just in it for the money instead of the meaning. I like real music.

Person 2 (Not Emie): Yeah, I guess having thousands of fans, money in the bank & a recording contract must be really difficult.
by KateF August 11, 2009
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