Seattle... What can I say? Its an amazing city, with amazing people and places to see...

Seattle, its the place I wanna be...
Seattle: One of the, if not the most beautiful city in the world...
by Jon... July 18, 2005
the wonderful place you go with friends when you smoke that funky stuff.
"Dude, you wanna drop by the Emerald City?"
"Sorry man, I got class."
by ocelot420 April 19, 2007
Gay Slang: San Francisco
To return to Oz, we fled the world with smiles and clenching jaws
Please help me friend from coming down
I've lost my place and now it can't be found

Is this the return to Oz?
The grass is dead, the gold is brown and the sky has claws.
There's a wind-up man walking round and round
What once was emerald city is now a crystal town.
-- Scissor Sisters Lyric "Return to Oz" referring to crystal meth abuse and SF/Gay Life.
by ricknsjca March 26, 2007
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