Nickname for a girl who usually gets sick on rides after eating fried shrimp. Also a nickname for a girl who throws up on their little sisters door jam while being about 5 or 6 years old. Embo tends to have weird obsessions with gingers, feeling the need to hug every single one of them.
Why does Embo keep hugging all those gingers?" Response: "I'm not sure...I wonder if she's using Palmer's pick up lines."
by Captain of The Originals. April 24, 2011
(noun): Deep cleansing of the butt using the tongue.
"Hey, I'm off to the spa for a quick facial and an embo. I'll be back around six!"
by edleddy66 September 11, 2011
it means to eat my butt out (embo)
if ur pissed off at some one tell them embo
hey why dont you embo
by officer jackmehoff February 27, 2009
An abbreviated term for an Embassy cigarette (usually Embassy Number 1s). One of the few respectably strong brands of cigarettes widely avaiable in the UK not to suffer filtre perforation, with a reassuringly chemical flavour.

They can be identified by a white packet, with a dual-tone diagonal red stripe.
"Ponce us an Embo to go with my coffee Cedric"

"They're really more of a tea fag, Harlequin. Twoc a Gitane off Jean-Luc while he's in the lav"
by bmr February 28, 2005
A young woman, usually in the teenage years, who has a propensity for giving very satisfying oral sex.
My girlfriend is such a freaky emboes
by Benihana September 16, 2005
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