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Nickname for a girl who usually gets sick on rides after eating fried shrimp. Also a nickname for a girl who throws up on their little sisters door jam while being about 5 or 6 years old. Embo tends to have weird obsessions with gingers, feeling the need to hug every single one of them.
Why does Embo keep hugging all those gingers?" Response: "I'm not sure...I wonder if she's using Palmer's pick up lines."
by Captain of The Originals. April 24, 2011
5 7
Eat My Butt Out
Why don't you embo?
by Goblyn December 04, 2003
86 20
(noun): Deep cleansing of the butt using the tongue.
"Hey, I'm off to the spa for a quick facial and an embo. I'll be back around six!"
by edleddy66 September 11, 2011
8 3
it means to eat my butt out (embo)
if ur pissed off at some one tell them embo
hey why dont you embo
by officer jackmehoff February 27, 2009
8 8
An abbreviated term for an Embassy cigarette (usually Embassy Number 1s). One of the few respectably strong brands of cigarettes widely avaiable in the UK not to suffer filtre perforation, with a reassuringly chemical flavour.

They can be identified by a white packet, with a dual-tone diagonal red stripe.
"Ponce us an Embo to go with my coffee Cedric"

"They're really more of a tea fag, Harlequin. Twoc a Gitane off Jean-Luc while he's in the lav"
by bmr February 28, 2005
15 15
A young woman, usually in the teenage years, who has a propensity for giving very satisfying oral sex.
My girlfriend is such a freaky emboes
by Benihana September 16, 2005
3 4
A squagouly Dooble
Hey Craig, look at that embo!
by Embo April 30, 2003
8 20