Noun: an email assault so vicious in tone the recipient loses an eye to you.

Verb: to textually assault an individual via the internet.
Bennet: Jenny is such a shrew - she tried to get me fired.
John: let off some steam Bennet, send her an anonymous emaul.
by Grae January 17, 2006
Top Definition
A particularly nasty e-mail sent with the intention of berating, ridiculing, or otherwise demeaning the recipient - the white collar equivilent of being mauled
My boss is pissed about that missed deadline! He just sent an e-maul to my inbox.
by pacmahon August 13, 2009
when you experience an onslaught of email, a virtual avalanche of email on a single topic or spam
Man, I had no idea that when I posted the new job position using my direct email rather than the corporate email, that I would be e-mauled!
by mommaloo September 22, 2012
Malicious text auto-correction on the iPhone.
I just e-mauled my boss. I texted "Gimme some secs" and the malicious auto correction on my iPhone changed it to 'Gimme some sex"
by Cowgirl358 February 06, 2011
To attack via a barrage of email or spam.
Sam's computer was subjected to an emaul attack.
by Sparky's Dad March 13, 2009
Stalking someone via e-email. Also, e-mauled, e-mauling, e-mauler
After repeated requests, he kept e-mauling this prey.
by moi October 15, 2003
A particularly nasty E-Mail
That E-Maul from Tom questioning my mother's heritage was mean and damaging to my psyche.

I have been E-Mauled.
by c-clops October 13, 2009
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