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A name. Pronounced Emma Lee. If you tell a person your name is Emalie and they write it down, they'll spell it like Emily.
*Person gives out birthday invitations* *Emalie recieves her's and the envelope reads "Emily"*
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
A Fun Crazy Girl Who Loves To Party . She Is Very Silly Around People She's Comfortable With . She Has A Nice Body Stucture . She Has Curves , A Big Butt , And A Nice Face . She's Not Really A Girl Who's Focused On Boys More Than Her Education . She Is A Very Wise Girl .
Emalie Is So Perfect I Wanna Cuff That . Too Bad She's Too Focused On Her Education Instead Of Boys . I Should Ask Her To The Dance .
by StonneCooldBaae May 12, 2014
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