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An advanced sexual position, involving one male, and three (usually) attractive females.
This term was first used in connotation to a famous New Zealand pimp, nicknamed Elwyn, or El.
Would you ladies care to join me for an elwyn?

Hey guys, lets try the elwyn position!
by **love_and_joy** June 18, 2006
An unusual sexual position.
Im sick of doggy style, lets do elwyn
by Scratchy DJ July 04, 2006
the 'all nighter' sex position
omg my back is hurting, we have been doing the elwyn all night
by j0bbins July 11, 2006
a total fag who plays tennis, has braces and likes to hit up older ladies. enjoys batting off to tennis players especially lleyton hewitt.
wow man your a total elwyn!
you like tennis fuck your such an elwyn
by 37646839902 October 31, 2010

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