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Asshole spelt backwards in order to be able to call people this u will not get in trouble!
Mrs. Woods you are a "Elohssa" because u make me read this sadistic book.
by BrianK August 03, 2003

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The word asshole spelled backwards. People use this term when they want to call somebody an asshole but either don't want to get into trouble for it, or they don't want the person to know what they are saying.
"What an elohssa!"

"My boss is such an elohssa."

"Hey Bill, you are one huge elohssa!"
by IceWarm November 06, 2004
Simply "asshole" spelled backwards. It's meant to be funny cause it sounds spanish but anyone who speaks spanish will have no idea what your talking about.
Last night I was chillin' at the club and some El Ohssa stepped on my Pumas.
by King Boss - P. Crack September 10, 2006