A fridige bitch, an over achieving whore who lacks her virginity
You're such and elly
by The name April 01, 2004
a girl who prostitutes herself for close to no money, if any at all.
random guy(ay): how much?
Elly: its k dont worry bout it
by lorelei1234 January 26, 2009
an ablivious wanting to be original and innocent complete twat that needs a slap
so horribly perfect that she isn't.
a lost girl that needs waking up.
really fridige, watch out
she will get too close but wont give you any.
that girls a right elly
by pie face nan licker May 26, 2008
elly is a reistertownian who needs to shave the back of her head and she laughs at every word imaginable.
pauly shore
by jack skellington October 27, 2003

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