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a small village living in the shadow of a better place... b-town. its home to spindlehood, where pussy-O JR (james ross) is a notorious white kid.

lets not beat the place up, it does have some better features like the icelandic milf and the one and only j hizzle, son of the moon and friends of J-O-E nuttall.

robby dizzle found his first road kill in elloughton.

there are some better people who visit elloughton, biznal up in that mother and a holla at GLAM SAM skllluuuutttt sskkkklllllluuuuuuttt!
'hey man, some chump through a mirror out a window!'
'shiiiiit blud, that fresh boy be from elloughton!'

sup GS, wana go see some bluuuuuds in e-town?
by danny broadfield September 19, 2007
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