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a name for a very babeish and fat dude.
a dude with this name usually has man boobs and a very flat buttox.
elliott chubs titty also likes the ladies;) shame they don't like him really.
also, elliott is very much in love with himself.. and gabby.
all this aside, many people love him.
LOL. JK. only i do. he's my bitch.
bs: woahwoahwoah, that guy.. wth. i bet he is in love with himself! aaannd, like look at his buttox...
fg: jayzuus.. that's flat!
bs: and whats up with those tits?!!?
fg: faack me they're of the large sort..
bs: ikr.
fg: oh well, he must be an elliott chubs titty, what do ya think?
bs: oh totes! poor guy..
by fgbabe December 24, 2010
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