Russian Transilation for Bum sex.Gay only !!!!,after you have an elle you lick there bum and orge with your fingers, then video tape it. to make guys jelous.but boys dont think thats good looking.
usually use a banana to do an elle
by jack benory September 26, 2011
A girl who is never satisfied. A guy could get her a house or a car, and she'll still reject him mercilessly. Eventually, the guys will give up on her, and all the girls will flock to the guys she rejects, because of how completely amazing they are!
Girl 1: He bought her over 30 flowers for Vday, and she rejected him!

Girl 2: What an Elle!
by rawrjuggliess February 14, 2010
Tightest bitch ever
Damn, she's quite an Elle huh son.
by Dude November 30, 2003
Nickname for the name Ellen.
Hey Elle, isn't your real name Ellen?
by Girl Named Elle January 04, 2009
Dis supah hawt chick w/ a golden pussy.
Elle and I like to fuck in cars.
by MIA!!!!!!!!!!!! December 01, 2005
s gorgeous m8 who is bst mates wiv lozzie and sarah!
elle and loz 4eva AND snukm
by !eLLe! August 20, 2003
a girl who is usually lazy and stubborn, doesn't listen to people very well and often zones out. she can almost always be found with a cup of coffee in her hand and if you go out with one be sure to slurp your drink, that is something they can't resist. elle's can be nice but it's rare, also very manipulative so watch out
that girl is always looking off into space, must be an elle
by kimmixoxoxoxo April 13, 2016

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