A young hot sexy unimaginalble beutiful Russian. She has tons of friends. All the guys love her. Is great in bed. Has many LOvers. BEST NAME IN THE WORLD!!!!! BEST GIRLLLLLL IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!
guy1::: That girl is ......... (speechless)))
guy2::: I call dibssss!!!
guy1::: no u didn't

guy2::: yes i did

guy1::: I know how we could settle this by guessing her name in the count of 3 we blurt it out.


guy2::: WHere did u go??
looks guy1 is with Elle dang!!!
by Elle's Boyfriend <3 June 04, 2011
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Top Definition
Feminine. She.
best friend you could ever meet. Super pretty and sexy but still sweet. Everybody loves her because she is nice to everyone. Doesn’t seem to know how Gorgeous she is. Gives great advice and you can trust her with your deepest secrets. Elle is super loyal. Ultra feminine and girly, but athletic too. A very strong person still she is really gentle, kind and loving. Guys can’t stop staring. This girl has got it all, but the best thing about her is she doesn’t act like it. Beautiful, sexy, talented, trustworthy, caring and kind.
She is definitly an Elle, very feminine.
Everybody wants that Elle girl.
by JPANS1109 May 21, 2010
a hot attractive young french girl, to whom everyone is attracted.
She is so elle.
by george frank April 01, 2004
French for "she."
Elle est attractive.
by Joe Butler February 14, 2004
A female name. Usually pronounced "Ell", but sometimes pronounced "Ellie". The name can also be a shortened version of names such as Eloise and Eleanor.
Andrew: Hey Elle!

Elle: Hi Andrew!
by aussie.elle May 26, 2008
the pride and joy of all australia, this mystical creature posseses all sexiness and adorability of all man kind.
your cute, but not elle cute!
by j pop December 11, 2008
the super awesomest ever.
auntie elle is awesome!!!
by turtlemcphee August 21, 2009
peaceful ballerina who loves everyone and everything. she always finds something new to challenge herself but needs at least one nap a day. she lacks physical activity, yet has a beautiful voice. little elle is a precious child of God.
Elle takes catnaps
by bluedogwalksinthenight November 11, 2010

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