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elkie is an name, meaning cute, adorable and sweet, however, the name elkie also means competitive and sleep deprived. elkies are often attracted to cheating man whores
person 2: moi aussi!
by <NARG> March 14, 2009
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This is a girl that can only be described as beautiful. Her smile is one of her best features. She has her own unique sense of style that separates her from the rest. She always dresses to impress; and no matter what she wears, clothes just always seem to look good on her. She has a sharp eye for fashion, knows all about brands - what's hot and what's not, and she has an obsession with leather! She gives off an intimidating vibe at first glance, but within minutes you'll realize she is the most friendly and socialable person ever! She seems to have it all, but apart from her bubbly attitude there is a sensative side to her.

Elkies are CUTE, SMALL, determined, leaders, responsible, goal oriented, smart, articulate, perfectionists, bossy, opinionated, hardworking, charismatic, happy, confident, fun to be around, and always someone who has good advice to give. There is never a dull moment!

Elkies love to play and be a child at times - freedom to be whoever and whatever they want to be is the key to their happiness!! They also value good health, and enjoy working on their fitness - not just in the gym, but also with activities such as; hiking, running outdoors, hot yoga, and anything that challenges the body, mind, and spirit!

There's no one else quite like her - yes they are rare, so you should feel lucky to have one in your life!
"WOW it's Elkie!!!"
by Stinky Monkey November 05, 2011
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elkie means very dumb or is fairly unusual to be an elkie as they are hard to find.
OMG, you're so an elkie!!!!!!
by e.m. <3 July 13, 2006
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