A person who claims to be Russian for a prolonged period of time. However it is later revealed that they originate from Poland, Kazakhstan and/or the Ukraine and have a slight tendency towards racism.
"Dude, you know that Russian girl I met the other night?"
"Well, she was actually from Poland, Kazakhstan and/or the Ukraine"
"Mush, you got elizaveta'd!!!!!!!11"
by Sophie Heineken February 03, 2008
A name that originated in Russia. Means "an oath to god". Usually a very beautiful but clever girl. Elizaveta is fun to be with and easy to fall in love with. A girl that can be compared to many Greek Godesses; She has the best looks but the most unique personality. She manipulates well. Nothing can stop her from reaching her goals. She needs attention, love and care. Like a small gentle newborn. Elizaveta is loyal and caring. She isn't afraid to give up everything for her loved ones. Usually very talented and smart. Great at solving day-to-day problems. Very into fashion. A very positive character. But be aware, to be on Elizaveta's bad side is like starting a war.
"Did you see that girl last night? The really beautiful one with a very unique character?"
"Oh, you mean Elizaveta? yeah, she is really cool!"
by heartsandkisses December 24, 2009
A russian name used for a girl. Very developed and very pretty. But so self involed that she thinks she is so hot and every guy wants her when they really think she is the most annoying person ever and tries to hard. She doesnt know how to keep good friends because she often backstabs them. Boy crazy so when friends are around guys she knows she often makes them look bad to make her look good.
"Hey you'll never guess what happened yesterday"
"That girl just got the same dress as me for the dance AND she took my date!"
"wow! that girl just elizaveta'd you"
by no1haz2no June 30, 2009

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