Indie fans who think that the only "good" music is by obscure bands no one has ever heard of.
We are elitists because we think The Sufjasmithists are the most innovative band in recent history, and anyone who likes The Killers is a retarded idiot who has no taste.
by iLx. January 07, 2007
Someone who brags/talks about how elite or 'leet' they are, when in fact, they're just scrubs.
Jon: Damn man, I got 5 high scores on this game, and I know Jackie Chan in real life!

Bill: Stfu you Elitist prick!
by Doctajon August 19, 2008
A group of people, who limit themselves to people who only act and talk just like them. No one is ever good enough for them, but you can usually get somewhere for awhile by kissing all of their asses and letting them take advantage of you. Elitism, is usually related to trends since they are all the same, and anyone different is shut out of their little 'group'. Elitists like to label everyone.They are usually looked up to by younger people, because they have ''all the cool band shirts'' and piercings. In reality, it all basically just revolves around alcoholism and stds.
''Nice shoes, im elite, wanna fuck''

''I'm sorry, I'm just too elite for you guys now''

''Im too elite to get tested''
by Meagen March 22, 2004
A person who suspects that maybe, just MAYBE, there is something higher or better in the universe than the way most people live..... and is not bashful about assuming ownership of this suspicion.

A person who finds it hard to live by the principle of "go along to get along".

This may sound scandalous, but "elitism", in one form or another is the only thing that makes it possible for the human race to transcend itself and grow toward a superior state of existence.

Elitism's an unpopular job, but someone's gotta do it, eh?
The word "elite", in French, means "elected".

Knowledge of French is always a dead giveaway that the person is an elitist, n'est-ce pas? (Blague!!)
by fidelbogen September 11, 2004

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