( American definition) Anyone who got where they are in life purely on intellectual capabilities. Anyone who insists on high academic standards, demands proof of theories or scientifically substantiated proposals. Anyone who entered the Ivies, MIT, Stanford or Caltech based on actual academic merit. Anyone who can develop a cogent, original analysis on a subject from a wide range credible factual or historical sources.
Obama is such an Elitist, he wants to check the rethugs' math.
by zztop February 06, 2010
A term used by stupid people to describe smart people who speak in complete sentences.
Look at that Obama. He's such an elitist, thinkin' he's so much better than us causin' he went to Harvard.
by ubo September 23, 2008
On the contrary to popular belief, an elitist is a intellectually advanced individual who is driven by the dimwits and numb-skulls who antagonize his knowledge, he learns important philosophical facts to prove his intellect. The numb-skulls continue argument with the elitist because they themselves are narcissistic and egocentric. An elitist is philosophically advanced and can read a person like an open book by asking only a few questions, they scan their friends vigorously to search for their personality, so they themselves can have confidence through the numbskulls that challenge their knowledge. Elitists are seen as cold and aloof only to the people to ignorant to realize their own belligerence or false beliefs that the elitists only try to correct.

The INTJ or the critically but falsely acclaimed elitist, is only looking into his own beliefs, his ego is placed in them. So the emotionally retarded who attack that person for his beliefs is the same belligerent and arrogant fuck that many have previously thought as an elitist.
The previous definition of elitist belongs in ego-centrism, which is a personality trait that everyone contains since it is by definition a feeling of importance in oneself.
If the person is being attacked for the way they are, there’s much more damage being done then that is perceived.
-Normal individual-
Wife: Why were you looking at that girl?
Husband: She was hot?
Wife: And I'm not? Why did you not look at me?
Husband: Please dont make this into a big thing, you know I love you.
Wife: But your looking at her?
(Wife babbles on about how it hurt her self esteem. Husband and wife continue feeling crappy)
Wife: Why were you looking out

Elitist Husband (knowing her hurt self esteem): I love you and looking at some girl in a random place will never change that. Megan Fox is hot, but she's not the girl I love. If you weren't beautiful, i would've never fallen in love with you, and if you weren't near the perfect person for me, i wouldn't marry you.
Wife: lets have sex. (dramatics intended but you get the point)
by therealelitist February 16, 2011
An atheist who feel that they are better than everybody else, so they will go and troll places to make religious people feel like shit. An atheist who is like this is probably some pathetic, rebellious nerdy no-friends teenager.
John the Christian: I believe in god.
Steve the Atheist Elitist: Haha! You believe in God! Haha! You're such a fag! God isnt real! You still believe in Santa and the Easter bunny too, little boy? Haha! Retard!
Me (also an atheist0: Shut the fuck up.
by Atheist who isnt a dick. March 20, 2011
A noun or adjective hurled by a so-called conservative as an epithet at anyone who calls him out on his racism; homophobia; class bias; unearned privilege; speciesism; misogyny; violence, beer, sports, porn or cigarette addiction; cultural intolerance; monolingualism; or any other social pathology of which the user is ashamed and wishes to obfuscate, deny, ignore or hide from.
You want indians removed from sports logos? You're an elitist. You won't vote for a hyper-rich, over-privileged douche like Bush or Romney? You're an elitist pig.
by Old Crumudgeon March 05, 2013
People who think they are better than everyone else.

In terms of social groups centered are music.

Most Metalheads, Classic Rock-heads Indie fans, and Hipsters are elitists.

Metalheads tend to think that taste in music is all that matters in the quality of a person. Also they think Metal is the ultimate music. So they think that people who listen to Metal are superior to those who do not.

Classic Rock-heads are the same way as Metalheads. They are a little more open minded but still elitists.

Indie fans think that unknown music is superior. They are not as strong about their musical taste as metalheads, but they still believe they are better than those who listen to bands everyone knows.

Hipsters tend to think those who don't listen to whats in are strange and different and therefore insuperior to them.

In terms of social groups not centered around music.

Jocks, and Preps are elitists.

Most Jocks believe anyone who sucks at sports and gets good grades are insuperior to them.

Some preps believe anyone who doesn't have a sense of fashion or isn't like them or everyone else is insuperior.
Elitists are socially retarded.
by joe725 December 22, 2007
A huge faggot who thinks he's better and more witty than everyone else; Bright Eyes.
Bright Eyes is an elitist who is 26 years old working for Victoria's Secret, making him extremely gay.
by StreetDreamz September 21, 2008

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