A snob. A person who feels superior to other humans based on superficial factors such as wealth, education level, physical appearance etc...ignorant people crippled by a childish sense of entitlement resulting in a failure to understand that as a species we are all one.
Elitist: Why do I have to look at these poor people? I'm so sick of hearing about these dumb ass hicks with no ambition. Why don't they just go to Harvard like I did? Where's that kid with my coffee?

Real Person: Grow up you elitist prick; you're living a lie.
by WakeUpDummy September 17, 2011
Indie fans who think that the only "good" music is by obscure bands no one has ever heard of.
We are elitists because we think The Sufjasmithists are the most innovative band in recent history, and anyone who likes The Killers is an idiot.
by iL.x December 25, 2006
'Elitist: Slang commonly used by entry lvl music plebs and posers for a person or group of people who the certain individual envys on a high level and secretly seeks friendship and approval from, however in return recieves nothing but heartache from the unaware object of their obsession.
'pleb1: I saw the elitists at the gig and they just ignored me :(
'pleb2: Why are they so up themselves? :(
'pleb1: I dont know but i wish they'd accept my friend request...
'pleb2: Lets go bitch about them online!


'unaware 'elitist'1: Why are those people over there staring at us...?
'unaware 'elitist'2: I dont know, ive never met them before..
by micHELLe October 16, 2014
An elitist used to mean someone of high social status who oppresses a minority group.

Today it just means someone who is intelligent, dresses appropriately, can speak clearly, and doesn't watch much television.
by zos12345 December 17, 2013
An actual elitist is someone who treats anyone who is not as rich/strong/popular as him/her like dirt. A pretentious jerk who has no friends and acts like he's important to make himself feel better.

However, this is also a word sometimes used in politics to marginalize a person who actually knows what they are talking about, uses scientific evidence, or who knows how to lead. Rather than elect someone who is the most qualified to run a country, people would rather vote for the person they see drinking a beer on the news, and as a result countries end up with Presidents like George W. Bush.
Person: I think that this candidate has a good plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, he has a lot of scientists backing him up.

Idiot: But is that candidate someone I could have a beer with? I want a candidate who understands the needs of the people.

Person: But shouldn't the people have a leader who cares about real issues and bases their decisions off evidence?

Idiot: Sounds like an elitist to me.
by WellinformedCitizenry May 19, 2008
Someone who tries to tell you that there are more nerves in your brain than in your gut, just because of something they found in a book, even though your gut's telling you they're wrong. Anyone who gets that reference gets a cookie.
Person 1:That guy's an elitist. He just tried to tell me *insert fact here* when really it's *insert bias opinion here*
Elitist:But *repeat fact* is true. Look here *opens book*
Person 1:ELITIST!!!! 3L337157!!!!!
by PossumCuber November 02, 2009
A term used by stupid people to describe smart people who speak in complete sentences.
Look at that Obama. He's such an elitist, thinkin' he's so much better than us causin' he went to Harvard.
by ubo September 23, 2008

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