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elise...wat can i say bout this hot chik? she is off thy hiz my niz...YA!! she shall lay a shit on someones chest if they wanted, bc thats the kind of person she is!! wahooo elmer fudd= my life yo she likes guys who have diks growing out of their asses!hhaha il her!
me- "Hey elise, follow your heart and take a shit on someones chest!!"
elise- "shall do!!!"
by stud yup thats me April 25, 2005
1 6
elise is so fucking hot
"omfg who is that hottie over thur?!"
"o, thats elise johanson"
by ........... April 24, 2005
7 7
Elise Johanson es thy coolest kiddie in thy world! she shall take a sh*t(hardy har har im in school...no cursing!) on someones chest!! i love that grl shes a beastt yaya elmer all thy way!
Elise-"I'm going to take a sh*t on someones chest."
Me- "Have fun, and remember follow your heart!"
by Studd (haha) April 05, 2005
3 4
Coolest, hottest girl alive...plus quite good at h/u
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmmm ummmm
2 6
An awesome girl that i never knew could be so shy........ but i love her so much and not because of her looks.............because of who she is.
Elise: lets have a chugging contest
Me: OK but ill win
by Dan Sullivan April 03, 2005
8 15