A jerk, someone who thinks that they are better than everyone else, tends to pretend to be someone's friend. Has sass, but not in a good way! Basically someone you don't want to be around.
by noteliz March 10, 2015
Elisabeth is a name which usually belongs to people who are slightly crazy. Their staring and very creepy eyes often freak other people out. Their incessant talking can quickly piss people off and make them suspect she is insane.
Elisabeth. She is your worst nightmare.
by Mr. Flower June 17, 2011
1. n. A long-torsoed female hailing from a state of gambling and prostitutes.

"Dude, I met this chick the other night - she was awesome."

"Oh yeah, what's she like?"

"Total Elisabeth."

"Sweet Dude, I know you dig long-torsoed women who love Harry Reid and craps."

2. v. The process of wetting a piece of toilet paper to compensate for its sandpaper-like grittiness.
Ahh, I totally have to Elisabeth it next time. Thank you. You have been most helpful.
by andrewk2342 December 09, 2010
Know it all woman who has a political leaning towards the far right.
Whoopi: Elisabeth, you always talking about how great George W. is...
by urbanlegendoo February 02, 2010
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