A chick who is so God damn good looking you get a massive hard on just looking at her with all of her clothes on!
"Oh my God! Look at that elevator! Don't let Ed see her. He just took some Viagara so he can fuck his wife when he gets home. If he sees her, his cock will explode!"

"You distract Ed. I have to go to the bathroom. I just creamed my jeans."
by Rock Hardon July 25, 2006
an "elevator" is when you are on XTC and you get on your knees and hyperventilate for thirty seconds (its just taking DEEP breaths in and out) and then you stand up against a wall leaning back against it and you squeeze your neck (or have a friend do it for you) to cut off circulation to your coritid artery....its just a california knockout but when you are "rolling" or on XTC. Have a friend with you though, to make sure you dont fall because you are going to black out for a second. But its CRAZY
I was at a rave "rolling" and i did an "elevator" and when i blacked out i saw crazy cartoons in my head!
by Starchild4eva October 11, 2007
Elevators are somthing that takes you up and down floors. The power of elevators are abused by retards who have no life and are big fans of Hanna Montana, they like to go up and down an elevator until they die with spasm.
Guy 1: OMG!! Elevators are mint!!!! :D
by Itchy-da-Bitchy July 11, 2011
Referring to an up and down stare. When an individual sees another attractive individual and looks them up and down.
Oh my god, that dude was totally elevatoring you!!

Quit giving her the elevator...she's taken!!
by Mir_rose October 20, 2007
Part of the empennage of an airplane.

The horizontal tail surface that controls the pitch of an airplane. The elevator makes the nose go up and down. Negative lift on the elevator surface balences the weight of the engine up front.
When I pull back on the stick, the elevator at the tail of the plane goes up. The wind flowing over the tail forces the nose up, and I climb into the sky.
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004
A word replacing the meaning 'on so many different levels' hence the word, elevator
1: So I showed this bitch a picture of lubricant/porn, and asked her to find the easter egg and she was looking for an ACTUAL easter egg..

2: DAMN! that hoe is elevator stupid man.
by J May 28, 2004
an elevator is when you hyperventilate for ten seconds (its just taking deep breaths) and then have somebody blow you a shottie or just take any hit of marijuana smoke and then they squeeze your neck to cut off circulation to your coritid artery....its just a california knockout but with marijuana smoke in your lungs
me and that kid from rockaway boro where doin some elevators with that blunt.
by jay dacunha March 22, 2006

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