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When someone breaks wind on an elevator and leaves a pungent odor that remains stagnant for hours, hovering over and poisoning it's passengers.
"Oh my gosh, it stanks in here! What an awful elevapor some jackass left us!"
by Krusty the Clown February 28, 2008
The release of flatulence into an elevator right before you get out. Sending an invisible, odorific treat to the next rider.

It's a fine art to hold the fart until the exact right moment, you don't want to get caught letting an elevapor's a stigma that will stay with you the rest of your career (atleast in that building).
Screw those people on the 3rd floor, I've been eating green apples all week and sending elevapors down to them. Hey Fat accounts payable lady, how do you like them apples?
by GD Hayduke August 26, 2010

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