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when a womens pants pull up her vagina's lips and its way to big to call it a camel's toe
when toms mom fetched little Ann out of the baby pool isaw her elephant's toe
by banginlangan May 23, 2004
el-uh-fuhnts fuht

(v) a sex maneuver performed by mounting your girlfriend/wife scissor-style whilst standing, and placing one foot on the throat/chin, and applying extreme pressure, causing her to pass out.
*Note: If the elephant's foot is performed while you have a case of athlete's foot, it's known as "The Green Lantern"

(n) a metal stand used for mounting engines for use on an engine dyno, having a crank that allows the engine to be raised or lowered
1. "Last night I felt frisky, so I gave Cindy the elephant's foot. She was out for almost an hour!"
2. "Dude, somebody took all the elephant's feet out of Building Three, I had to use a milk crate and pieces of wood to hold up that big block.
by ofggerrrt May 11, 2008
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